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After picking up a camera for the first time in 2016, photography quickly grasped my interest. Once I saw that I had potential to capture quality photos, I began to take up multiple photography classes and purchased my own personal camera that would allow myself to freelance. I consider this as one of my greatest strengths as I've worked immensely to improve and become a valued member of a photography staff.

Writer, Blogger


What I consider my strongest asset and first love in the media field, writing in any form has been my biggest focus since I began in 2014. I have honed my skills profusely through freelance writing, writing for Topics4theGame as the NBA blogger, and multiple writing classes. I plan on continuing to improve, further applying my skills to any environment I am placed in, becoming an exceptional writer overall.



Videography is my most recently acquired skill. With the application of my photography skills and the accompaniment of narrating and editing, I developed a greater appreciation for the production process. Now, I see what comes with the development of a news story or highlight mix and will continue to be a student to this form of art and gain the knowledge and skills necessary to be an effective story teller.


Check out my latest work - Mike Jones' highlight tape - as well as my previous works in the videography section.

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Since the time I could start to memorize commercials, media had become a cornerstone of my life. Through TV, internet, magazines and even newspapers, media consumed a large portion of my life. When I attended Northwest Missouri State University as a Sports Media major, the  world of media as I knew it was expanded and I began to learn the ins and outs of its infrastructure. 

From classes and projects, to freelancing and blogging, I found any and every way possible to become involved in any form of media through writing, photography and videography. Now, I have gained the skills and knowledge to advance myself in this field and intend to learn and hone my current skills through my future career endeavors. In addition to this I have taken classes regarding advertisement, web publishing and social media management to diversify my skill set.

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